About us

We create  sensation seeking events full of adrenalin for companies and public visitors. These events focus on auto-moto sport.

For companies:

The main advantages of our moto events are uniqueness, originality, interactivity and adventure, which together cause in humans  very strong positive emotions.

Companies can use such events to strengthen  relationships with clients, partners and employees. It can also be used as a means of advertising and P. R. for their presentation. Complexity is an added value we offer.

In addition to this, we also provide individual original screenplay of the event. The accompanying social and entertainment program is included too. You can of course rely on  ensuring quality catering, accommodation and photo documentation. If interested in promoting the event or promotion of your company, you can also use the classic tools of advertising and promotion within our entire product and promotional activity.

For public:

Public moto events are a great opportunity to relax and have a lot of fun with friends.

We organise various types of these occasions, regular ones, events for one-time only or in the form of projects. Possible are both, realisation in the Czech Republic or abroad too.

There is  an opportunity for companies who want to be presented in the form of non-traditional advertising and P. R. to become sponsors of these projects too. Our advertising performance is interesting in its range and covers actual presentation, all media campaign of the project, advertising in professional sports including motorsport, and advertising in top culture.

We do not outsource anything but have our own ideas, people and technology, including automotive Circuit racing team and therefore we create high-quality and interesting events under good financial conditions. For further information, please contact me via email michalkrb@bomproduction.com


Project: Drive when there is the green light!

Our racing team Vojta Chaura Racing Team 

Fun action VRM Vrrrrm 

Fun action Hredecká 69 


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